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No one likes to be caught off-guard.  Below are our notices to you; some additional points we think you should know about our style of business.

  • The customer is the expert on what obligations they have engaged and/or potential risk exposures that they know must be addressed.
  • You are expected to read your policy to be sure your needs have been met and/or if you have any questions that we can answer or additional information that you might need.
  • Please inform us in a timely manner if any information or conditions insured under this policy change. Such changes may require a review and/or modification of your current coverage in order for your insurance protection to properly operate.
  • From time to time, insurance coverages may change, new ones are issued and/or trends identify new areas of potential risk. As your insurance agency, we may share this information with our customers and for our customer’s review. In case any of these issues raise questions for you, please advise us so that we can discuss them with you in terms of your current insurance program.
  • In addition to mail and phone, the agency may also be accessed via email, our website, and Facebook.
  • We can provide insurance information forms to you via email and/or in e-format. (We can accommodate the use of e-signatures)
  • If you wish to use our e-formats and/or e-access, the agency must have your request to do so in writing, and include the email and text addresses that you will use – and at which you will be able to receive our e-communications.
  • To better ensure the e-security of data and systems, the agency may provide specific instructions as to how certain e-formats and/or information will be used, received and/or sent.
  • As always, we strive to operate safe and secure systems. Customers that use our e-access are also obliged to keep the e-systems, and devises that they use to do so, secure and sound as well.
  • Please advise us in a timely manner if any malware issues arise in any of the systems and/or devices that you have used in communicating with us.
  • In turn we will advise you immediately if we find that an issue which has arisen in our system traces back to your systems and/or devices so that you will affect a timely and successful resolve of the matter.

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